Crypto Youtubers hacked ! Multiple youtube accounts were hacked and videos were posted to tell people to send crypto to a BNB address. Alot of accounts caught the hack quickly within minutes, but not all of them. Within seconds , it was shown that the hack received $800 in a few seconds.

Many people have said it could have been a sim swap. Since they got passed the two factor authentication, others speculated that that couldn’t be true, since they did not lose access to their cellphones. So the most likely option had to be a internal YouTube hack. Since there was no evidence of the hack coming from an outside source. Here is a list of some of the youtubers that were hacked.

New York City Mayor Adams doubled down on his crypto stance when asked by a CNN interviewer, how does he feel about getting his paycheck in bitcoin during this major dip. He compared it to his time of investing in the stock market when the market dropped in 2018. Its not about the money he tries to explain, its about showing that New York City is open to new technology and would love to be a crypto hub for America.

mayor adams NYC
crypto youtubers hacked

Biden is preparing an executive order on crypto, it is expected to be delivered in the coming days. The directive would place the White House in a central role overseeing efforts to set policies and regulate digital assets. He would like the federal agencies to determine their risks and benefits. 

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 878

January 24, 2022: Top cryptocurrency gains and losses: 0:48

  • ETH (-9.37%)
  • BNB (-7.88%)
  • SOL (-14.24%)

Crypto Youtubers hacked: 6:41

No regrets from NYC mayor for accepting paycheck in crypto: 12:14 16:32

Men check bitcoin price more than women: 17:35

  • 60% of women that invest in crypto have little to no knowledge about crypto
  • 66% of males had medium to high levels of knowledge of crypto

Latoken Exchange Twitter hacked: 27:54

  • A disgruntled employee hacked Latoken’s exchange twitter 
  • “scam money out of projects” “making promises of 200%+ returns and never delivered on them

Biden announcement EO regarding crypto: 35:36

bonus: All About the Avalanche Crypto Project ($AVAX) (

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