SEC lockdown on lending products. They are to come after Gemini and Celsius because of their services they are offering. With traditional savings accounts you are getting an average of less than a percent. On the exchanges, you are getting 3-18% It is completely possible to not have any bank account now. Switching your fiat to a stablecoin while also getting interest is going to be the future.

Sec lockdown

NASA has blocked the use of their imagery to be made into NFTs. Does not want their products to be tokenized. Sandbox has partnered with Warner music group . The partnership will be building an area in Sandbox that WMG would be able to host concerts and other virtual events. Players will have the opportunity to purchase LAND next to WMG in march

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

January 27,2022 : Top cryptocurrency gains and losses :40 

  • Eth (+7.0%)
  • ADA (+6.66%)
  • AVAX (+5.78%)

Quadrigacx co-founder allegedly runs Wonderland Defi: 2:45

SEC lockdown probing Gemini and Celsius lending products: 9:42

The Sandbox Warner x Music Group: 20:16

NASA hates NFTs: 23:31


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