Tesla Dogecoin ! Tesla has announced its accepting Doge coin payments for merch ! Announced by Elon Musk via twitter the price shot up 20% following the news. As of now , Doge coin is the only asset that Tesla accepts. Some have already purchased Tesla products, with one user tweeting out that he has a bottle of Tesla tequila on the way to Germany that he paid for in Dogecoin. Many wonder is Tesla going to actually hold the Doge that they received, or will they swap it out for Bitcoin or a different cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Tesla may not be the only company to start implementing crypto payments this year. A survey conducted by Visa shows that small and mid-sized businesses are also set to adopt crypto payments in 2022. 

Tesla Dogecoin

 Two other billionaires made headlines today, Mark Cuban and Bill Miller. Mark says that 80% of his non shark tank investments are in cryptocurrency. He previously stated that he would take bananas over bitcoin. 2021 must have really changed his views on crypto. Bill Miller, an early investor for amazon says that 50% of his portfolio is in amazon and his other 50% is in bitcoin. Starting as just a bitcoin observer for years, now He considers himself a Bitcoin whale. The billionaire investor noted that he looks at Bitcoin as an “insurance policy against a financial catastrophe”

Tesla Dogecoin -Bill Meyer - Elon Musk

SDSU is now accepting cryptocurrency donations, promises that a small portion of donations will go towards crypto related activities on campus. They are one of the first universities to do so. Alumni would be able to donate anonymously to keep the identities secure. We will see how this goes for SDSU. 

January 21, 2022: Top cryptocurrencies gains / losses: 1:07

  • Solana (-5.00%)
  • Avalanche (-6.51%)
  • Matic (-5.45%)

Tesla Dogecoin Payments for Merch: 2:50

Mark Cuban investing heavily in crypto:  9:40

Near Protocol 150m seed investment for web3 adoption: 25:04

Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro mayor investing in bitcoin: 45:07

Bill Miller puts 50% of net worth in bitcoin: 50:40

SDSU starts accepting cryptocurrency donations: 1:00:00

bonus: https://thegentlemenofcrypto.com/blog/staking-crypto-pros-and-cons/

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