Stripe has been making huge strides in the crypto space these last months with announcing fiat payment support earlier this year. Now they are back in the news as they are now adding support to USDC. As a centralized platform, content creators and freelancers would first need to pace Know Your Customer onboarding checks conducted by Stripe. Afterward, they can manage their account details, track real-time earnings and upcoming payouts into their crypto wallets. Will this be the biggest fiat-to-crypto service soon?

According to a report published by German digital company Netzpolitik, officials from the EU an all out ban is recommended to curb the energy consumption of BTC. That includes mining and trading. Also, a blanket ban on cryptos using Proof-of-Work could be enforced. When the EU was asked how this will effect the bitcoin community. They stated that BTC owners are fully aware of the downside risk.


The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 934

Apr 24, 2022 – Market update: 1:15

  • BTC (-5.45%)
  • ETC (-5.12%)
  • XRP (-4.93%)

Stripe x Polygon brings USDC payments: 5:49

  • Twitter and Stripe announced the rollout of crypto payouts for Stripe Connect (link)
  • Payments will occur on layer 2 ethereum solution Polygon. (low fees and fast speeds)

EU officials warns BTC trading and mining: 11:23

  • European Union officials discussed banning Bitcoin (BTC) trading (link)
  • Netzpolitik , a German digital company, recommended an all-out ban on trading Bitcoin should be enforced in order to curb its overall energy consumption.

Macron doesnt believe in self regulation: 19:28

  • Presidential incumbent of France says he does not want to miss this digital opportunity
  • Also does not want to be too innovative because of the social and societal risks (link)

Earf Day: 26:42

  • Earth day is a day celebrated on April 24 where we all focus on our environmental impacts. Hopefully for the positive. (link)
  • Coin telegraph released a list of the top earth friendly products to date.

Hacker left 1m dollars in self destructing wallet: 29:40

  • A hacker took a million dollars in funds, then left it in a self destructing wallet.


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