Gary Vee is opening a NFT-required restaurant in New York City, planned to open in 2023. Named the Fly Fishing Club, not much is known about the rewards that the NFT holders would have. Could be royalties on the NFT sales, small ownership in the company, or just even airdrops. For you to be required to have an NFT, probably means that some rewards would be given to the NFT holder, as well as restaurant access.

Media monetization company BBTV will soon allow creators to get paid in Bitcoin, Eth, and US stablecoin. Creators rejoice stating that it will be a much simpler method of crypto payments. As of now, creators would have to do multiple transfers from their banks into their crypto accounts. CEO Shahrzad Rafati. “Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way,” The company’s bigger known clients are Sony, Viacom, and NBA. Small and midsize businesses are expected to start adopting crypto payments in 2022.

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

Solana visa

Solana visa. Looks like Bank of America is bullish on Solana, a strategist for the company came out saying that Solana could be the “Visa” of the crypto world. Bringing up how fast the transaction speeds could be. Also, how fast of adoption it was, since it came out in 2020, it is already a top 10 cryptocurrency project with a total market value of $87 billion.

The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 872

Jan 13, 2022: Top Cryptocurrency gains / losses: 55

  • Ethereum (+0.1%)
  • Solana (+6.0%)
  • Luna (+5.0%

NYC Restaurant NFT membership: 3:09

BBTV creator media monetization: 19:32

Solana could become “Visa of Crypto” according to BoA strategist (Solana Visa): 27:59

Looksrare NFT trading platform: 34:44

Bonus: Non-Technical Crypto Jobs: Finding a Fit If You’re Not a Dev (

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