Grayscale beefin with SEC: 2:45
  • Operator of grayscale bitcoin trust, says sec is wrong to reject spot bitcoin ETFs (link)
  • No basis for the position that investing in the derivatives market for an asset is acceptable for investors while investing in the asset is not.
  • Claims SEC violet the administrative protections act by failing to treat two bitcoin products the same
Vladimir Putin Crypto remarks: 13:52
  • Claims not backed by anything (link)
  • crypto currency regulation is still in its infancy in Russia
  • Wants greater monitoring¬†
UAE NFT mail stamps: 23:00
  • Issuing NFT stamps to celebrate is 50th birthday (link)
  • Unveiling on Dec 2, will have a physical counterpart
Robinhood share price down: 27:00
  • Robinhood shares have dropped 70% since its august high (link)
  • In Q2 41% of trades were Dogecoin
Ross ulbricht NFT: 32:54
  • Plans to auction a NFT starting thursday (link)
  • Will be on the SuperRare website.
Newegg accepts SHIB for payment: 39:37
  • In early december new egg plans to accept SHIB (link)
  • Will be part of their holiday campaign


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