LGBTQ community has a new coin, maricoin . Which wants to promote a form of payment that supports the community. But it has been facing a lot of backlash, with people from its own community wondering about the ethics of the project. The worries include that the coin already has 8000 on the waitlist, yet it has no whitepaper, or actual plan.

solana outage

Solana has suffered yet another outage; the prior one took place less than a month ago. Since the outages, SOL has seen a decline in support. Airbnb took to twitter to ask in a poll what feature in 2022 would you like to see the platform add? Cryptocurrency payments came in first, so bitcoin is likely to be accepted in the coming months. They declined to say much on the subject when asked by other twitter users.

January 5, 2022: Top cryptocurrency gains / losses (market update)

  • Solana (-2.80%)
  • LUNA (-3.78%)
  • AVAX (3.09%)

Solana has another network incident: 4:53

Hemp grower crowdfunds via ‘ILO’: 14:35

Kazakhstan turns off the internet: 26:13

LGBTQ token: 33:44

Blockchain and metaverse featured at CES: 42:25

Airbnb to accept crypto? 48:06

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