The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 853

Reggie Middleton is interviewed on the GOMC, following is patent for Peer-to-Peer financing. The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

Top gains / losses (market update): 47
  • Polkadot (-4.58%)
  • Terra (-3.19%)
  • XRP (-7.84%)
Brad Sherman conjures Mongoose coin: 7:15
  • His congress speech inspired Mongoose related coins to be created (link)
  • Hamster coin up 71% after he suggest the coin could pass Dogecoin 
Gamer-hate NFT project video: 18:12
  • Ubisoft’s new NFT video gets 96% dislike ratio (link)
  • 1,400 likes / 37,000 dislike
  • “Took a solid franchise and made it into a laughing stock”
AWS outage brings dyDx, Binance US and Coinbase exchanges down: 25.38
  • dYdX acknowledged its reliance on a centralized web service is problematic (link)
  • Pledged to improve the true decentralization of its operation, but did not state how
  • Claims they are deeply committed to be fully decentralized
“Bitcoin surge was a windfall for white supremacists” allegedly: 32:32
  • More than 600 crypto addresses used by far-right extremists
EOS DeFi Platform Hack: 36:01
  • Lost tokens valued at $5 million
  • Was able to mint an infinite amount of tripool tokens ,allowing an oversized position and drain valuable assets
Reggie Middleton Call-in: 41:53
  • Patent for DeFi, more correctly , Peer-to-Peer financing
  • Peer-to-Peer capital is ecompasses ALL capital: Financial, human, intellectual , HR, political, and natural
  • “Imagine patenting ecommerce in 1999”
  • Reggie’s patent predates Ethereum and other DeFis

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