Coin Desk has released their most influential list of 2021, which includes TGOC host Isaiah Jackson. The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

Top gains / losses (market update) : 56
  • Solana (9.39%)
  • Cardano (11.65%)
  • Ethereum (9.06%)
BIS FUDing DeFi: 5:10
  • Total volume locked in DeFi projects is $246 billion: 
  • An article by the BTS stated that the need for governance makes centralization impending.
  • “If DeFi were too widespread , its vulnerabilities might undermine financial stability.
Bitcoin Lawsuit thoughts: 20:05
  • Started as a joke , Craig Wright claims he invented bitcoin
  • Only one judge agreed , which was enough to continue this matter in court
Coinbase open-source cryptography library ‘kryptology’: 24.23
  • Cryptographic library, kryptology, as a plethora of tools for blockchain developers (link)
  • Includes secure and easy access APIs as well as common issues and lessons learned throughout crypto history
DOJ task force looking at tumblers and exchanges: 32:25
  • Will look into crimes related to criminal misuse of cryptocurrency (link)
  • Wants to address illicit activities / money laundering.
  • Plans to incentivize whistleblowers
Most influential of 2021: 41:39
  • Coindesk released their top 30 crypto influencers (link)
  • Has mixed reviews
  • Negative / Positive influences made the list  

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