The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 845

Coinbase is the latest exchange making headlines. The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

Top gains / losses (market update) : 52
  • BTC (4.91%)
  • ETH (5.73%)
  • Dogecoin (8.01%)
Tanzania CBDC soon come: 2:57
  • Central bank has begun preparations for a digital shilling. (link)
  • Most recent country following china in wanting a CBDC
Omicron pump: 6:05
  • Token jumps 10x after COVID variant came out
  • WHO detected the variant , and it sent the stock market and crypto market into a plunge
Coinbase acquires BRD wallet: 18:48
  • Price of BRD went up 500% after announcement
  • Goal of enabling people to safely access the decentralized world of crypto
  • Will a decentralized wallet work with a centralized exchange?
Spectral decentralized credit bureau: 29:01
  • $6.75 million fundraised led by polychain capital (link)
  • Developing infrastructure for assessing credit risk in web 3
Jack Dorsey stepping down as Twitter CEO: 40:39
  • Is Dorsey going deeper into the defi space?
  • Maybe square is his focus?

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