Binance down! The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange went down this week causing Twitter to stir. In episode 827 of The Gentlemen of Crypto, Isaiah Jackson & King Bless discuss this and other cryptocurrency topics in detail.

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Top gains / losses : 53

  • Polkadot (14.23%)
  • Solana (7.94%)
  • Shiba (16.38%)

Satoshi turns 13 years old 3:31

  • The bitcoin whitepaper was released 13 years ago (link)
  • Allowed for transfer of money without relying on trust

Binance disables crypto withdrawals 9:04

  • Binance twitter account cites backlog
  • Wonder if both Binance and Binance US are both affected.

OlympushDao 57M dollar dog coin rug pull 15:08

  • Primary suspect handed over computer (link)
  • Raised 13k ether , however the funds were sent to another address
  • Alot of people subscribing to the buy now, do research after philosophy

Squid Games token scam 24:03

  • Inspired by the netflix show. 
  • Skyrocketted 40,000% and dropped almost immediately (link)

NYDIG partnering up for Bitcoin payments 29:34

  • If you trade your bitcoin for a vehicle, you are trading your appreciating asset for a depreciating one. (link)

Burger King x Robinhood crypto giveaway 31:09

  • BK and Robinhood team up to give customers who spend $5 or more a chance to win $DOGE, $ETH , or $BTC
  • A sign that crypto is becoming more mainstream

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The Gentlemen of Crypto is a live, daily cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.


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