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You don’t have to be a trader, investor or developer to start a career in crypto.

Non-technical crypto jobs are bountiful–you don’t need Solidity or Haskell to find a fit in crypto.

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Cryptocurrency Job Growth is Exploding

Crypto Tax Advisors

Crypto Accountants & Financial Advisors

Crypto Marketing Jobs

Crypto Sales Jobs

Crypto Project Management Jobs

Crypto Content Creator Jobs

Crypto Copywriting Jobs

Crypto Masterclass

Cryptocurrency Job Growth is Exploding

Blockchain technology has made huge waves in recent months, and people from traditional industries have been flocking in search of ways to get in on the action.

In most cases, because of how technical the field seems and how confusing it can be for the less tech savvy of the bunch, it’s easy to assume that traders and developers are the only people with real jobs in crypto.

That’s not actually the case.

In reality, there are thousands of job/career opportunities in crypto and blockchain—many of which don’t require much (if any) technical knowledge at all. In fact, recent data has shown that the share of crypto/blockchain jobs has grown by over 115% in the past year.

Let’s take a look at a few of them to give you an idea how easily some of the most traditional roles in business can migrate over to businesses in crypto and blockchain.


Crypto Tax Advisors

One big thing that many people tend to overlook is the fact that many cryptocurrency swaps (in the US, at least) incur taxable events that have to be reported to their respective government agencies.

Taxes are already a long, overly-complicated process that people dreaded coming around every year. Within cryptocurrency, crypto taxes become ever more complicated still. With the panoply of crypto tax laws and regulations that are in place (or ambiguously unestablished), it’s easy for law-abiding citizens to unknowingly end up on the wrong side of the law when tax time comes around.

To combat this, many crypto tax specialists/lawyers have taken this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the crypto space and offer their specialized services to the community (for both individuals and businesses).

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Crypto Accountants & Financial Advisors

The same way that people need tax advisors for themselves and their businesses, they often need financial advisors as well.

For the many crypto-focused businesses that have started up in the past few years, there weren’t many people that had both professional experience in accounting/financial advice and the crypto space.

In recent times, this has started to change, and there is still much room left for growth.

Crypto Marketing Jobs

Let’s face it: crypto marketing is essential to success in such a new niche. Having an established brand tone, Discord presence, illustrator and more fall on deaf ears without marketing. Marketing has been (and will always be) an important part of a business’ development strategy.

Since the crypto space’s inception, many new businesses have been formed to offer crypto and blockchain focused services to their clients and customers. Being a relatively new field, many of these businesses face an uphill battle trying to figure out how to market themselves to an audience that knows very little about the space.

And while having a basic knowledge of crypto is definitely a bonus, anyone with some marketing experience could find employment with many of these companies. Finding a crypto marketing job is certainly a promising way to secure your position in the future of finance.

Crypto Sales Jobs

If marketing is what gets people in the door, sales are what seal the deal. This is the part of the business that actually gets people to spend their money, so it’s kinda important.

Like we noted with marketing, this is a service that businesses need to function properly. Anyone with some sales experience could be a great asset to any crypto/blockchain business.

If you have the gift of gab, marketing and/or sales might be the perfect lane for you.

Crypto Project Management Jobs

One often undervalued addition to many business teams is a good project manager. These are the people that keep the business going — they not only manage the different teams, but they coordinate their processes and make sure that everything flows as efficiently as possible.

For a space as new as crypto and blockchain, having someone with experience in managing groups of people and ensuring that the company meets their various goals and deadlines is invaluable.

If you’re an experienced PM considering a career shift, then perhaps finding your position with a crypto company is a compelling way to throw your hat in the ring.

Crypto Content Creator Jobs

This can be seen as kind of a subset of marketing. Nonetheless, crypto content is king.

Are you an illustrator? Great! You can help design the avatar for the next big crypto firm, or even design a multi-million dollar NFT collection.

For most businesses, a decent portion of their marketing strategy is focused on the creation of content that will be used on all of their marketing platforms. This content can range from things like blog and social media posts, to videos and podcasts. anything that people generally consume.

For you creatives out there, this is the chance for you to flex your creativity muscles and bring some fresh ideas to a blossoming industry.

Crypto Copywriting Jobs

Maybe (like myself) you have a knack for written content. Well.. many businesses will need your skills too.

For things like websites, social media content and advertisements, copy writers ensure that the messaging is intentionally designed to get the best results.

For things like whitepapers, how-to guides and instruction manuals, technical writers ensure that the information in the writing is easily understood by its intended readers.

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We could go on and on, but I think you get it. In the crypto/blockchain space, there is more than enough room for anyone to find a spot where they can fit it.

With the variety of businesses that are now popping up in the space, offering both products and services to a rapidly growing customer base, traditional business roles are needed now more than ever in crypto.

So don’t feel like traders and developers/programmers are the only ones that can really establish a long-term career in the crypto space. If you are interested in crypto and/or blockchain, no matter what field you may be coming from (even if you’re unemployed), take what you already know or are already good at, and make a place for yourself.

And the best part—this is a tech-focused field–most of the jobs that you encounter will offer completely remote employment. No matter where you are in the world, if you have access to an internet connection, you can get started in your first crypto/blockchain job.

Many crypto projects will even offer to pay you in crypto.. just saying.

Enough reading though.. time to start doing. Get out there, and get that crypto job! Here, we’ll even help you start your search.

And if you want to boost your crypto knowledge and give yourself a leg up on the competition for these newly in-demand jobs, we’ve got you covered. Have any questions? Contact us to get in touch.

Just make sure that if you get hired, you tell them we sent you 🙂


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