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We’ve launched our cryptocurrency Masterclass! Finding reliable resources to learn cryptocurrency space just got a lot easier.

Our Digital Assets Masterclass is now available to students worldwide. See our Welcome Video here.

The Current State of Crypto Learning

In all of our years in the crypto space, not a single week goes by where we don’t undergo cryptocurrency learning.

Crypto technology is always evolving and growing–faster and faster every day!

As our tech becomes smarter, faster, and more efficient, new possibilities arise to continue growing and honing our skills. Tech is getting so advanced that things like AI and machine learning are allowing technology to improve and upgrade themselves! No human interaction needed.

So, how do you stay ahead of the curve of the burgeoning blockchain industry, you ask?

Bitcoin Zay (Isaiah Jackson) and King Bless of KRBE Digital Assets Group.

Bitcoin Zay, (Isaiah Jackson), the author of the acclaimed, #1 Best Seller Bitcoin and Black America, and King Bless, Co-founder of KRBE Digital Assets Group, have put their heads together to offer 12+ hours of premium cryptocurrency training videos across 14 different disciplines to help bring the general public up to speed on the nascent cryptocurrency industry. With 3 crypto Masterclass levels to choose from, you can learn the technical aspects of how blockchain works, consensus protocols and more in their new course!

In crypto, the speed of this growth is on the higher end of the spectrum. In the 12 years that the space has existed, with nonstop market activity and constant development, the “market that never sleeps” has seen the most explosive growth and expansion that many of us have ever seen (or will ever see) in our lifetimes.

With so much upward potential still forecast for this space, hordes of people have flooded into the field, hoping to carve out a niche for themselves and place an early stake in this still relatively young tech.

Unfortunately, many people want to see more immediate rewards without having to put in the work or research! Instant gratification and short term results have become the primary focus of some as they navigate the cryptocurrency industry.

Everyone wants to make money – we understand. But too few people want to do the real work.

With so many people looking to find a way to benefit from the tech without having to actually invest much time into the “boring” part of the grind (like learning the fundamentals and understanding the history!). There has been a wave of self-proclaimed “experts”, “professionals” and “gurus” flooding the internet — and people are flocking to them for guidance on how best to get involved in crypto.

But in an unfamiliar space that never sleeps and moves at lightspeed, how can you be sure that you’re even heading in the right direction?

How KRBE’s Cryptocurrency Masterclass Helps You “Build Your Dream Home”

Your crypto journey is kind of like building your dream home. Everyone can create an amazing house – made specific to their personal needs and desires.

But before building up your custom home, you want to start with the best foundation possible.

For new people coming into the space, this often proves to be the most difficult part of the process – and for good reason. Since this is their first time ever attempting to build a house, they don’t know much about it.

How deep should they dig?

How long will the process take?

How much is this first step going to cost?

Young woman diving into her cryptocurrency masterclass. Credit: Pexels

Another disadvantage that comes with being new to cryptocurrency–many aren’t able to accurately tell the difference between good and bad information. This means that if the first resources that they look into aren’t reliable, things are almost guaranteed to go wrong down the road.

Going through the process alone is also an option that some consider–just learning through trial and error. While it is possible to do it this way, the time that it takes to ramp up your cryptocurrency learning will take WAY longer without expert tutelage.

The risk with the trial and error approach is that you often end up learning some hard lessons. Certain mistakes are more difficult to recover from than others.

We call this “paying tuition” because these lessons are often long and expensive.

Seeing this early on, we started The Gentlemen of Crypto, the longest-running crypto show on YouTube!

In the show, we provide insights into the field and cover the latest news on “building” and “managing” your crypto house. We help you to decipher good information from the general media noise.

We saw over time, though, that this wasn’t really getting to the root of the issue. A lot of the problems stem from people not having that solid foundation before they start to build. And since the foundation can often be the most difficult part, we knew that we would need something focused on helping to build that foundation properly.

Is This Digital Assets Masterclass For You?

After years of dedicated research and experimentation, we released our first product to meet this demand: the KRBE Digital Assets Masterclass.

One important note that we want to make clear here: this crypto Masterclass isn’t just for people that are new to the space. We came to realize pretty early on that everyone needs good resources.

The type of insight you can learn from taking a cryptocurrency masterclass. Credit: Pexels

One important note that we want to make clear here: this crypto Masterclass isn’t just for people that are new to the space. We came to realize pretty early on that everyone needs good resources.

The most experienced professionals of any trade still learn new things as their space continues to move and grow. In medicine, doctors have conferences and certifications to update one another on new findings. In homebuilding, contractors and tradesmen have events and forums where they share new information that they find. In crypto, new projects pop up almost every day and people create niche communities to discuss and share these new ideas.

There are a variety of needs in the space, so a single, uniform course wouldn’t serve our purposes well. So we decided to split up the crypto Masterclass into three course levels to cater to the different groups that we’ve seen:

Cryptocurrency Masterclass: Beginner Edition

This level is geared toward the people that are relatively new to the space and still trying to find their bearings. Here, we break it down to the basics. If you’re trying to figure out why people call bitcoin “money”, understand how blockchain works, or even learn how to do your own research, this one may be for you.

Cryptocurrency Masterclass: Expert Edition

This course level is geared more toward the more experienced/seasoned individuals in the crypto space. It includes everything from the Beginner Edition, but goes even more in depth into some of the more advanced topics. If you’re pretty comfortable in the space and confident in your ability to navigate topics like decentralized finance (DeFi), yield farming and staking protocols, this one may be your pick.

Yield Farming Masterclass

This level is a special one that we made due to popular requests. It focuses exclusively on navigating the worlds of DeFi and yield farming projects throughout the crypto space. If you just needed assistance/guidance with these topics, this may be the one for you.

What Will You Learn in the Masterclass?

Your home is something that you invest in. You spend the time and money to make sure that everything is just right. You want it to meet all of your expectations, right? 

Well.. just like your home, Bitcoin and the many other digital assets out there are investments too.

So, just like your home, you need a solid foundation of knowledge to build up your crypto future. To help build that foundation, we made sure that our crypto Masterclass covered every bit of info that you would need to have a firm understanding of how (and why) the space began, how it’s going right now, and what we’re looking toward in the future.

Some of the topics that we break down in the Masterclass are:

  • The history of money
  • Why bitcoin was created, what it is, and how it works
  • Altcoins and some of their applications
  • Safely buying, selling and exchanging your digital assets
  • NFTs and the metaverse
  • DeFi and yield farming
  • Doing your own effective research on anything in the crypto space
  • Keeping your digital assets secure
  • ..and so much more!

By the time that you finish digging through all of the modules in this Masterclass, and start applying some of the game that you pick up on, you should be able to confidently call yourself a crypto expert.

Building Your Crypto Knowledge the Right Way

Building a house can be tough. Developing your personal crypto strategy can be tough too.

With proper guidance and access to reliable resources, though, both homebuilding and crypto strategy development can be easier than finding an influencer in LA.

With these crypto Masterclasses, we compile years of data collection and firsthand experience into a detailed and summarized format that anyone can understand. We mean it when we say that this is the most comprehensive crypto guide available today.

We want to make sure that, above all else, these courses are accessible to as many people as possible. Our paid course is also available to corporate teams that are interested in white-labeling their training and onboarding resources.

After assessing the benefits from the Masterclass, and much back and forth on prices that could benefit both our team and our Crypto Warriors, we ended up with the following:

Yes, many of the courses that you find online will be cheaper (some more expensive too!) but with us you can be confident that you’re receiving quality cryptocurrency training from experts who’ve been in the space since 2013!

Check it out for yourself.

If this is the year that you want to start building your crypto “dream home”, you should start it the right way. Take the guesswork out of everything, and get advice from some of the best crypto homebuilders in the game.

You know where to find us.

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