Twitter Profile NFTs? If you thought you would never pay for a premium twitter service. May reconsider now that you can upload your NFT as a Twitter Blue premium subscriber. Also, user are able to accept tips in BTC and ETH. This service cost $2.99 a month. Users rejoiced for this service with many users not thinking that NFC capability wouldn’t be utilized until later in the year.

SundaeSwap is Cardano’s first decentralized exchanged and staking platform. Leading up to the release of the DApp, ADA, Cardano’s native token saw an increase of 50%. Was it a successful launch? Depends on if you feel a launch should be smooth. Users complained about transactions failing. Is 2022 the year for Cardano? If they can successfully launch DApps it could be possible.

Sundae Swap
Twitter Profile NFTs

There are a number of ways to purchase or adopt a pet in the metaverse, and its all the craze. You can buy one in a metaverse or even purchase a NFT pet from a platform like OpenSea. ClassicDoge is allowing users to scan their pets and bring it into metaverse with them.a great quote from the CEO is that they want “ClassicDoge to become a gateway for bringing your real pet into the metaverse. Down the road, you could walk your dog again, have her sit down next to you even though she’s passed away,” he said.

January 21, 2022: Top cryptocurrency gains and losses : :35

  • ETH (-12.53%)
  • BNB (-11.01%)
  • ADA (-13.93%)

Twitter Profile NFTs : 10:28

Sundae Swap fail: 16:20

  • Cardano’s first decentralized app was hit with transaction errors as network congestion rises
  • Cardano saw a 50% gain leading up to the launch of the DApp

Michael Valdes call in: 21:53

  • Pavia is Cardano first virtual world

Coop D’Ville call-in: 29:26

John Bland call-in: 35:48

Reggie Middleton call-in: 58:07

  • Spoke at the Bitcoin event
  • Most panels were about NFTs
  • “All blockchains infringe on the patent I was approved of”

SDizzle Call-in: 1:11:24

Jaron call-in: 1:16:14


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