The Russia Ukraine war is causing the market to go down . Vladimir Putin announced on a national broadcast that Russia would perform a special military operation in Ukraine. Bitcoin dropped 8% and Ethereum dropped 10% following the news of the planned attack. Depending on the outcome of the Russia Ukraine war , it will have a huge impact on short term crypto prices .

russia ukraine war

Dogecoin founder speaks out against meme coins, saying these coins are made by people trying to get rich off other people trying to get rich. Dogecoin, one of the most popular meme coins, was created in pure satire and irony. Alot of the community is getting tired of other people advertising these meme coins as dont miss your chance to get rich.

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories

Feb 24, 2022: Top cryptocurrency gains / losses: 44

  • BNB (-10.10%)
  • XRP (-11.61%)
  • Avax (-14.71%)

iCoin: 1:51

  • A new cold storage device that is airgapped, makes storing your crypto offline easily.

Markets down on Russia Ukraine war: 4:41

Cryptopunk seller rugpulls sothebys auction house: 23:09

Maple Finance x Celsius wETH lending pool: 26:47

Dogecoin founder speaks out against memecoins: 37:51

Cointelegraph top 100 update: 42:16

  • #33 Snoop Dogg
  • #32 Plan B
  • #20 CryptoPunks
  • #21 Vitalik Buterin


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