The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 838
Top gains / losses (market update) : 58
  • Ethereum (-9.42%)
  • BNB (-9.06%)
  • Solana (-8.61%)
China fires warning shot on businesses involved in Bitcoin mining: 5:14
  • China considering giving out harsh penalties on firms that continue (link)
  • Has had a harsh stance against bitcoin miners in 2021, even blaming them for deadly coal mine accidents
Israel new AML rules: 12:00
  • Enacted new regulations to the cryptocurrency industry in order to combat illegal activities (link)
  • In july, proposed a law requiring tax declarations for crypto purchases above $61,000
Biden ‘infrastructure bill’ new crypto laws 19:43
  • Biden signed the $1 trillion bill on monday. (link)
  • Imposes tighter rules on business handling cryptocurrencies and expand the reporting requirements for brokers.
  • Senator Pat Toomey said the bill was too expensive and not accounted for
Paraswap airdrop backlash 35:28
  • Back in October Paraswap said they were not planning any airdrops (link)
  • This was an attempt to throw off airdrop hunters, in which one account uses multiple address to get a larger airdrop.
  • The community claims that the attempt was overboard and caused alot of long time users to not receive the airdrop that they were expecting.
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