On this exciting episode we have special guest Jeffrey Robinson. He is a journalist that is considered “one of world’s leading experts on international financial crime”. In 1995, Jeffrey Robinson wrote his book the laundrymen, which went into extremely detail about the money laundering around the world. Which he said mostly consisted of drug trades and then distributed to legitimate business around the world.

jeffrey robinson

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

January 28, 2022: Top cryptocurrency news: 49

  • LUNA (-19.11%)
  • SOL (-4.78%)
  • AVAX (-5.62%)

Apple throwing their hat in the metaverse: 2:25

  • Revealed their plans of entering the metaverse in a Q1 2022 earnings call
  • When asked about the metaverse, they said its an incredible opportunity that they are looking into
  • 14,000 apps that are already created on the app store has access to metaverse features in the future

Belgium MP accepting salary in Bitcoin: 4:24

  • salary of EUR 5,500 ($6,140.75) will be converted to Bitcoin
  • Hopes to inspire other politicians to do the same, like the NYC mayor inspired him

Introducing Jeffrey Robinson: 6:55

  • The laundryman , which he follows the illegal activity of money laundering
  • Also created the best selling book, Bitcoin
  • Officer in the Navy

Why did you write book Bitcon: 10:42

  • Repeatedly went to groups that discussed bitcoin and most of the stories people were telling were misleading
  • According to Jeffrey the iconic bitcoin pizza story, his friend paid for it with a debit card and he paid him back in bitcoin. Which is slightly different then the story that is told.

Settling transactions on Bitcoin: 15:49

  • Jeffrey: Bitcoin cannot be used to make face to face transactions
  • Isaiah: Neither can gold, even without face to face transactions, Bitcoin is a settlement network. Did more settlements than visa last year, so that proves it could work.

Remittance + Venezuela , El Salvador: 24:29

  • Jeffrey: El Salvador is bankrupt because of bitcoin, a big PR hype move.
  • Isaiah: Who are your sources based on?
  • Jeffrey: Roubini
  • Isaiah: He has been wrong about bitcoin being dead multiple times already

Bitcoin doesn’t work, its a scam: 30:04

Jeffrey: Did your hotel keep the bitcoin you spent to stay there?

Isaiah: Some companies keep the bitcoin, some companies sell it for USD

Bitcoin on the balance sheet: 32:55

  • Jeffrey :Patrick Burns accepted bitcoin as payment in the company. The first publicly traded to accept bitcoin. But he was not able to put it on his balance sheet because it would be too complicated for his accountant. It would take cost $1million and would take bitcoin 10 years to pay for it.
  • Isaiah: Collectible to Stored Value to Medium of Account to Medium of Exchange, we are in the stored value stage. Of course its going to take time.

Why rely on cosigns of rating agencies: 36:13

Paul Krugman + Environmental arguments: 40:13

  • Isaiah: Krugman said the internet will be irrelevant in 1995, look where we are today. You are looking at bitcoin in its 1995 stage, instead of looking at where it will and can be. Since we’ve been talking 3 bitcoin blocks have been mined. Its working
  • Jeffrey: Who cares?
  • Isaiah: Everyone who made a transaction that got validated
  • Jeffrey: And its an environmental disaster

The rich gets richer: 42:47

Reggie Middleton call-in: 47:06

Jeffrey’s favor: 54:27

  • Jeffrey Robinson: The Gentlemen of Crypto have a platform to really change the community.

Bonus: https://thegentlemenofcrypto.com/blog/solana-crypto-beginners-guide/

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