The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 824

Gamestop and Adobe are both making noticeable moves in the NFT space. What does this mean for crypto in the future?

The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

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Top Gains / Losses (market update) :50
  • Shib (+31.50)
  • Uniswap (-10.33)
  • ADA (-8.22)
Adobe NFT partnership and integrations
  • Can add content creators wallet address and social media info to the metadata (link)
  • Wants to provide features to increase trust and transparency across the metaverse
  • Will have the option for NFT creators to remain pseudonymous
FTX Super Bowl Ad: 11:35
  • Held Feb. 2020 , One of americas most watched events (link)
  • Super Bowl is the top rated TV program of the year and 28/30 highest rating broadcasts in US history
  • CEO “ There is no bigger, more mainstream event to share a message like that than the super bowl
Gemini posts Bitcoin whitepaper excerpts on NYC billboard: 23:32
  • Crypto exchange inked a 3  year deal for signage that was previously owned by CNN
  • Mysterious billboard with phrases such as “electronic,” “solution” and “are lost” with little explanation
  • The exchange was founded by the Winklevoss twins
Gamestop looks to hire a team of NFT experts: 30:27
  • Gamestop unveiled a barebones website for its NFT marketplace in May. (link)
  • Site features a nintendo Gameboy-style gaming console with an Ethereum logo
  • Total of 8 jobs were posted
Concerns for each crypto in the Top 5: 37:55
  • Goes thru the concerns of coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Tether , etc. (link)
  • What will happen when all the bitcoin is mined?

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