Another Eminem NFT purchase?!Slim Shady apes into the massively popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection with a new purchase of a rare Ape with a gold chain!

eminem nft bored ape yacht club gold
Eminem’s new NFT purchase.

The non-fungible token purchase cost $462,000 at the time of purchase made on January 3rd.

With this purchase, the Eminem NFT collection has grown to at least 6 with a reported collection containing a variety of new and trendy NFT projects that dropped in the past year.

Additionally, Bitcoin turned 13 today which marks the anniversary of the go-live of its mainnet in 2008. Isaiah Jackson & King Bless celebrate this memorable milestone in today’s episode of The Gentlemen of Crypto.

For a summary of today’s crypto podcast about the Eminem NFT purchase and Bitcoin’s 13th birthday, check out the episode minutes below.

Jan 3, 2022: Top cryptocurrency gainers / losers (market update)

  • ETH (1.54%)
  • BNB (1.15%)
  • LUNA (4.43%)

HBD Bitcoin: 2:32

  • Bitcoin network turns 13
  • Bitcoin reached an all time high hash rate of 207.53 eh/s
  • Strength of hash rate correlates to the strength of the network based on the number of active miners

“VC’s dont understand Cardano has a community” : 5:22

Democratic Party FUDing all of 2021: 11:05

Q&A for Digital Assets Masterclass students tomorrow: 16:41

Eminem NFT purchase: BAYC: 18:51

Puerto Rico becoming a tax haven for crypto millionaires: 22:00

  • Crypto Rico! Puerto Rico’s cryptocurrency community flourishes
  • 6 months living there would allow your crypto to be tax free 

Cryptocurrency Masterclass + TGOC website and channel updates: 29:10

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