Bitmart hacked! How much did they get away with this time? Time will tell if this was a whitehat hack or not. The Gentlemen of Crypto is a daily live cryptocurrency podcast that broadcasts on YouTube. Isaiah Jackson and King Bless provide cryptocurrency analysis across a variety of blockchain news stories.

Top gains / losses (market update) :47
  • Solana (-3.84%)
  • ADA (-2.79%)
  • Poladot (-4.14%)
Bitmart Exchange hack: 4:00
  • Hacker made off with $200 million in funds (link)
  • Ethereum and BNB projects were the target of the attack
  • Can not put it past Bitmart hacked themselves
Celsius x BadgerDAO 50m dollar exploit: 10:55
  • Celsius has reportedly lost over $50 million in the BadgerDAO protocol (link)
  • The address that was the most affected seems to be owned by Celsius
Is it a rug? 14:45
  • If a project has an absurdly high APY, DYOR, but it is highly a rugpull: 
BSC x Animoca gamefi investments: 21:10
  • BSC and Animonica are coinvesting up to $100 million each (link)
  • Gamefi , a mix of gaming and Defi
  • Operates under a play-to-earn model
Singapore suspends Bitget exchange license: 28:26
  • Bitget lost its license over K-pop coin (link)
  • Army coin, which is from the BTS army
  • Other coins have been made in others likeness, the problem is the exchange cannot list

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