Bitcoin conference was a success. From celebrity speakers like OBJ and Serena Williams, to bitcoin maxi’s like Michael Saylor. The BTC conference is still new compared to some of the other events like E3 , but alot of event goers are saying in a couple years . This conference will be even bigger.


Bitcoin is on pace to become legal tender in two more territories Prospera and Madiera. Blackrock has partnered with Circle to help raise its goal of 300m. Animoca has made another acquisition see year. With the company releasing a statement saying the Metaverse is their priority.

Top cryptocurrency gains / losses: 1:07

  • BTC (-1.80%)
  • BNB (2.37%)
  • SOL (7.06%)

Bitcoin conference 2022 recap and themes: 2:54

  • Bitcoin Zay and King rated the conference 4.5/5
  • Well organized 
  • Plethora of different experiences
  • Concerts and stand up shows
  • Vendors

Bitcoin legal tender in two new territories: 20:34

  • Prospera , near honduras 
  • Madiera, near Portugal
  • Both are making bitcoin legal tender

Blackrock funding Circle: 22:29

  • Circle has partnered with Blackrock
  • 300m goal, want to close Q2 of 2022

Animoca makes a new acquisition: 25:02

  • Gaming venture firm
  • Metaverse first approach

Vibin with chat: 26:24


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