Digital Asset Professionals You Can Trust

King Bless

Co-Founder / CEO

King Bless is a blockchain consultant, co-host of The Gentlemen of Crypto daily news show, and co-creator of the KRBE Digital Assets Masterclass. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional with experience in bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing, ICOs, regulatory frameworks, blockchain technology, & DeFi. He can be seen on Dr. Phil, Fox Soul, the New York Times, & more. When taking a break from digital assets, King can be found coding, coaching, or randomly acting in commercials. 

Isaiah ‘BitcoinZay’ Jackson

CO-Founder / CTO

Isaiah Jackson is the co-host of The Gentlemen of Crypto daily news show and the author of Bitcoin & Black America. Jackson currently leads the city of Miami MiamiCoin project, is a member of the Digital Currency Council, a Certified Bitcoin Professional and once the owner of a Bitcoin ATM. Jackson can be seen on Fox Business, CNBC, Time Magazine, & more. When he isn’t focused on the crypto market, he spends his time collecting 70s vinyl, building software and is currently working a new book. 

Alec G


Alec is the producer and show-runner for the flagship show “The Gentlemen of Crypto.” In addition he is also a content creator with interests including on-boarding small business owners to accept crypto payments, GameFi, and Play 2 Earn. In his free time he puts out fires and introduces new tech to the team here at KRBE DAG.

Antonio A

Creative DirecTOR / Social Media Manager

Antonio is the creative director and social media manager for all things KRBE DAG. Antonio is also the longest serving member of our team and just about every piece of content created here he has his fingerprints on. In addition he is now the host of our weekly wrap up and a TGOC contributor.

Michael S

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike leads all things marketing for KRBE Crypto. Mike’s a digital marketing vet and has planned, implemented and optimized over $1B in ad campaign spend for clients worldwide with branding, awareness and conversion goals. When he’s not running campaigns, you can find him renovating his home or playing with his pup.

Manu G


Manu is the VP of Sales and a Science grad who is extremely passionate about all things bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. He has almost a decade of experience in Clinical Research and Project Management, but his favorite thing to do is watch “numbers go up” while talking about the meteoric impact crypto will have on all our lives. As the VP of sales he has quickly integrated and become a crucial part of business operations.

Leroy F


Leroy, born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, is a writer, content creator and educator in the crypto space. As a Certified Bitcoin Professional, with 5 years of experience in the field, he helps newcomers learn how to safely navigate the crypto space and he directly assists people in The Bahamas (and Caribbean countries) with their crypto adoption. When he’s not watching numbers go up, he’s either gaming, watching anime, or making content on both.

Josh R


Josh is the owner of a industry news website and our in-house web content manager. He keeps a pulse on all things crypto newsworthy and breaks down our daily show in digestible notes for those who want to do a deeper dive on our website.

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